10 Traits Of Highly Effective Project Managers

A sense of humour can work wonders for team morale, and learning how to laugh at yourself can minimise stress for your employees. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; everyone makes mistakes. How you address your errors will shape how your team behaves, so it’s important to admit when something goes wrong and demonstrate to other employees how you fix it. It’s important to step back and remind yourself that patience is the only way you’ll be able to encourage your team and make sure every aspect of the project runs seamlessly. There are many options available, but companies with multiple field employees often find they need a bespoke solution to track each project and streamline all communication. Critical thinkers can take themselves out of a situation and look at it from all perspectives. These skills enable them to weigh up the pros and cons, then create a strategy based on their findings.

Every team needs to know that their work, their questions, and their concerns are valued. In the Activity Planning phase, the project manager works with the team to identify the tasks needed to accomplish the objectives that were set in the initial phase. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to work without any pressure of meeting dreaded deadlines and work with unlimited time, money, and resources?

Project Management Certifications

The right allocation of time to the right task in order to make the best possible use of time refers to time management. You can also take up a PMP® training to validate your project management knowledge and skills through a certification that’s acknowledged across the globe.

If you’re ready to jump to those topics, check out our table of content. But, if you’re interested in learning the basic project manager skills and responsibilities – keep reading.

Qualities Of A Good Project Manager

Knowing how to effectively and competently lead your team is key to the overall success of project completion. However, another important part of competency is knowing when you aren’t an expert in a certain field and that the ability to ask for help when it is needed. This one’s all about using your network, or even reaching out across the aisle to other project managers in various departments. Learn from other’s successes and failures by simply asking other PMs about the different approaches and techniques they use, plus offer up any project management ideas. Monday.com makes it super easy to make sure all team members have the necessary information to make good decisions and help with project planning and execution. With item updates, anyone can write questions or comments right on the item and even tag team members to open up the conversation.

Being well-organized helps to stay focused on the big picture and to prioritize your own tasks and responsibilities. As we all know that a single minor wrong decision taken can easily jeopardize the entire project. Thus, a project manager needs to be capable of thinking quickly and reacting decisively. Ultimately, good communication guides teams in the right direction and ensures everyone involved in your project is on the same page. Coping with frequent unexpected events requires an organizational culture that allows the project manager to exercise a great amount of flexibility. Here are two examples of advanced organizations that took steps to modify their cultures accordingly.

Regularly Communicate With Your Team

So rather than micromanaging those people, a good project manager will delegate, listen, support, set goals, and empower team members to take ownership of their own decisions. As you’d expect, the best project managers are those that find organizing themselves and others easy, although that is definitely something you can practice and improve with effort. While you might have the job title of project manager, technically you’re leading the effort every day. If managing is doing the work right, leading is making sure people are doing the right work. As noted above, these are not exactly skills but personality traits that are beneficial for project managers and their teams.

how to be a successful project manager

Additionally, you can take some introductory online courses to get your first look at this subject. Usually, these courses provide tasks and assignments designed to make you interact with this business branch and see if you can handle its responsibilities.

Write Project Scope Document: Everything You Need To Know

Each member on your project team has a preference of how they want to be spoken to. Some people you can speak to in a very straight-to-the-point way, and they’re OK with that. I spent six years in the navy, and the communication style was very direct, to say the least. I have to remember that just because that was my experience, and it worked OK for me, that doesn’t mean that style will work for everyone on my team.

how to be a successful project manager

As we mentioned before, project managers need to be good at seeing both the fine details and the bigger picture. This means not only overlooking the details, but also not getting distracted by the minutiae when a broader overview is needed.

One Platform For Better Teamwork

Project managers are leaders, and set the example for the project team. We’ve all had managers who didn’t lead – they pointed, they made demands, and were happy to pass the buck when possible. Armchair quarterbacks don’t inspire, and https://remotemode.net/ they create a toxic work environment that is its own greatest threat to success. Crucial role of a project manager is to create a project plan capable of withstanding the rigors and challenges of getting to successful delivery.

  • Successful correspondence brings about group accomplishments by making express rules for professional success of cable car individuals.
  • Project Managers have a huge demand in several industries.
  • You need to be continuously improving your leadership and project management skills, and empowering team members to improve themselves, as well.
  • That way can you indicate who is specialized in what area.
  • We shared necessary project management skills and habits to really get the best results.

Highly effective project managers understand this, embrace it, and build elements of uncertainty into their project plans. They also recognize the need to work closely with change management experts to help stakeholders adapt to change and better prepare for the future state of things — and working in the gray. Managing projects has become more complex as a result of COVID-19. If you’re looking to stand out and take your project management career to the next level, the following traits of highly effective project managers will show you the way. In PRINCE2 control over the project is divided between a higher-authority project board and a project manager.

Demand For Project Managers Across The Globe

If you prefer face-to-face interaction, you can also use services that provide video chat as well. In this case, Slack works as a video calling system too, but you can opt for other alternatives like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Viber. The PMI standards are used mostly in the USA, Canada, and the Middle East and it contains the project management processes and techniques needed to complete projects. It’s more of a reference guide that outlines the standards of project management rather than an actual method. Keeping lines of communication open with your team can ensure your team fully understands what is expected of them at all times.

how to be a successful project manager

As a project manager, you will likely be responsible for a team that you delegate and assign tasks to complete a project. That’s great on it’s own, but a Work OS can also result in effective project management by making siloed work a thing of the past. Create documents, attach files, provide real-time feedback, automate repetitive tasks, and endless other customizable actions from one central place.

Alternatively, you can go for an internship in this field. Don’t get discouraged if the work you’ll be doing won’t seem like something you’ll love for the rest of your life. Sometimes all it takes is to find a different project to work on. All project managers dream of working in a field that is actually one of their hobbies. how to become a project manager To be a great PM, you have to be a team leader, co-worker, and supervisor at the same time. This is one of the most challenging careers as no day will be the same and you will need all of your project management skills to solve every problem. Also, you’ll be the first person your team goes to when a problem occurs.


Every project is different, and the process that helped you on one project may hinder you on another. As the project manager, it’s your job to decide which approach is best for completing your project on time and within budget. It is also known to be a sequence of tasks that takes time and money to complete. The purpose of project management is to provide information and feedback in order to keep projects on track and on budget. So if you don’t have skillful project managers then all these aspects of project management can’t be handled efficiently and successfully. Communication skills really go hand-in-glove with leadership. You can’t be an effective project manager if you’re not able to articulate what it is you need your project team to do.

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