An initiative by ANTIQUES INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY. We are Exporter and Manufacturing company of stone products from INDIA (Rajasthan).



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We are Chefs of stone.

As it can be known from our name that our company deals in stone. Only two words are used in this name Stone – chefs. This means that just as a food chef creates magic in his food to make it taste different and give it different forms, similarly  We enhance the beauty of the stone by seeing it in different forms. We make different shapes of stone which are helpful in enhancing the beauty of landscaping.

Construction of Heritage Monuments
Construction of Temples
Landscaping Products in Natural stone


Stone is chemically stable in Earth’s natural environment means the oxygen rich atmosphere. Stones are made of oxides of various kinds.


A Craftsman performs skilled trade duties in the operation, maintenance, and repair of buildings and related facilities and systems.


Because we work in stone and natural stone itself is maintenance free. we don’t use any chemicals

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If you want to get any kind of construction done in stone, whether it is a Monument, A Temple or any kind of Landscaping stuff. Then you can contact us. We will be glad to help you

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We have the best solution in stone construction, temple designing and landscaping products.

Our Core Products

We are specialized in Temple, Patio, Gazebo, Planters, Sculpture and Stone Furniture. These product looks natural and enhance the beauty of area.


Our USP is making Patio in Stone. Patio and Gazebo are specifically designed for outdoor and create beautiful sitting area.

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A Stone sculpture and planters are an object which is shaped and carved in natural stone especially important in garden area.

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TEMPLE (मंदिर)

The method we do to build the temple is very unique in itself. In a way, this is a readymade temple for you, which is installed on the site.

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